Mounted Assured PNT System (MAPS)

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  • Provides integrated solution including an Anti-Jam Antenna ensuring access to Global Positioning System (GPS) in a denied environment
  • Resiliency in Multi-Domain Operations (MDO)
  • First unit equipped 4QFY19; Full equipping in 4QFY20

MAPS Program of Record (PoR):

Provides increased GPS anti-spoofing capability through sensor fusion algorithms and non-Radio Frequency sensors.  Determine PoR technical solution in September 2020 from Other Transactional Authority (OTA) prototyping solutions.
  • M-Code inc 1
  • Path to ALTNAV
  • Open standard interfaces (ASPN, VICTORY)

Warfighter Impact:
  • Distributes Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) data to multiple clients to allow our Mounted Soldiers to operate in denied environments


  • MAPS POR are systems that provide access to trusted PNT in environments where military GPS is denied or degraded.
  • The systems align to Army Futures Command Directed Requirement to prepare for tomorrow by providing overmatch in MDO environments, dated 31 January 2019.
    • MAPS POR support Command and Control by replacing the need for multiple GPS devices on a single platform. 
    • The systems provide location data to Joint Battle Command – Platforms and distribute PNT data to multiple systems directly and via the network. 
    • The systems also Fuse M-code GPS with alternate navigation and timing technology to provide trusted PNT in GPS challenged environments.
  • PdM Mounted PNT is beginning the third phase of testing to inform Milestone C for the production matured successor from Decision Point 4. Testing is occurring across labs, chambers, and field activities totaling 11 unique test events. The team is operating in three geographically separated locations (Aberdeen Proving Ground, Electronic Proving Ground, and White Sands Missile Range). A large team of external partners brings the breadth of expertise to plan and execute all events including: CCDC CP&I, CCDC S&TCD, CCDC DAC, AEC, OTC, MITRE, VSSO, EPG, ARL, JNWC, TSMO, 746th TS, DPG, and WSMR.