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Headquartered in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, PM PNT is the Army’s lead acquisition developer tasked with developing, modernizing, and integrating optimal and affordable PNT capabilities to promote decisive action in Army Operations. PM PNT reports to the Program Executive Office Intelligence Electronic Warfare & Sensors and collaborates with other Army and Joint Service partners to develop interoperable, reliable products to promote real-time secure PNT services for a variety of combat and combat support field missions. The acquisition and development of these capabilities will provide the Soldier with the ability to access accurate and trusted PNT data, which is a critical enabler for Army warfighting functions and systems.

PM PNT Org Chart


Office Locations

Aberdeen Proving Ground,

Project Manager Positioning, Navigation, and Timing is headquartered at APG, MD, along with the Mounted PNT, Dismounted PNT, and PNT Modernization Product Offices. Together, these groups focus on the development, integration, modernization, and readiness of PNT systems and technology to support the mounted and dismounted Soldier. Currently, PM PNT and its Product Offices are leveraging accelerated Adaptive Acquisition Framework pathways to develop and assess leading-edge commercial technology.

Los Angeles
Air Force Base

The PM PNT team in Los Angeles is embedded with the U.S. Space Force Space and Missile Systems Center Global Positioning System (GPS) Program Office (SMC/PC), and provides engineering and subject-matter expertise support for joint GPS capabilities to include NAVSTAR GPS and Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE).


Robins Air Force Base,

The PM PNT Joint Sustainment Activity Office (JSAO) is embedded with the GPSPNT-PO, whose mission is to sustain joint GPS capabilities such as the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) and Ground Based-GPS Receiver Applications Module (GB-GRAM). The PM PNT JSAO represents Army interests in this joint office and provides technical and logistics support to the services for fielded GPS User Equipment, including Help Desk support, for the Warfighter.