Legacy Products


Defense Advanced GPS Receiver

336,555 fielded from 2004-2015; transitioned to Communications-Electronics Command for sustainment
DAGR is a 12-channel receiver intended primarily for handheld use that provides real-time position, velocity, navigation, and timing information. It includes a graphical user interface that greatly enhances a Soldier’s situational awareness, effectiveness, and safety. It was procured as the next generation replacement for the aging PLGR, and provides more secure and accurate service in a much smaller and less power-hungry package. It can be mounted into platforms or integrated into other systems to provide PNT service.

The DAGR uses state-of-the-art GPS receiver technology including “All in View” satellite tracking for better accuracy, and the Selective Availability Anti-Spoof Module (SAASM) for improved security.

The USAF Positioning, Navigation, and Timing – Program Office (PNT-PO) located at Robins AFB, GA, manages the overall program and contract as the Primary Inventory Control Authority (PICA) for DAGR. Army CECOM-ILSC manages the DAGR inventory and maintains oversight. Army PM-PNT retains “Materiel Developer (MATDEV)” and “Life Cycle Management” responsibilities.




Ground Based GPS Receiver Applications Module

120,000 fielded 2004-2015; still in production


The GB-GRAM is an open architecture specification that defines non-proprietary functional, performance, and interface requirements for a family of secure embeddable GPS receivers. GB-GRAM embedded GPS receivers are capable of processing the Precise Positioning Service (PPS) signal to provide highly accurate, real-time, PNT information 24-hours a day under all weather conditions.

The GB-GRAM specification (MIL-PRF-GB-GRAM-300) defines requirements that target the ground domain. The current production version of GB-GRAM is provided in the Small Serial Interface (SSI) form factor. This product, delivered under the GB-GRAM contract, is the Miniature Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR) Engine- Selective-Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) (MPE-S). The MPE-S is an embeddable lightweight “All in View,” dual-frequency, continuously tracking GPS receiver that uses the SAASM to access the PPS signal. The functions and capabilities of the SSI-GB-GRAM are tailored to suit the operational requirements of ground-based platforms with low-dynamic characteristics including mounted and dismounted land users and waterborne vehicles. SSI-GB-GRAM can be integrated into a wide variety of command, control, communications, and computer systems to host system functions including position location, target location, time synchronization, rendezvous, and en-route and terminal navigation.

Ground Based GPS Receiver Applications Module Fact Sheet


PLGR Disposition:
The Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR) is obsolete and can no longer be repaired or supported. The last software update was released in FY2005, which included the 2005-2010 World Magnetic Model (WMM) update. PLGRs have been replaced with the next generation handheld Receiver, the AN/PSN-13(A) Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR).
Unless you have an identified exception by the PM, it is past time to turn in any AN/PSN-11 or AN/PSN-11(V)1 PLGRs (NSNs: 5825-01-374-6643 and 5825-01-395-3513) remaining on your unit's property books.
To exchange your PLGRs on a one-for-one basis with DAGR at no cost, please contact us: