MGUE Inc 1 Products

Ground Based GPS Receiver Applications Module Modernized (GB-GRAM-M) 
  The GB-GRAM-M Small Serial Interface (SSI) Type II FF (also referred to as the MGUE Ground Embedded [GE] Receiver FF) provides a GPS product solution that is low-cost, standardized, and embeddable.  This FF adds M-Code capabilities and Information Assurance (IA) cryptography to the legacy functionality.  It provides serial data interfaces using the standard interface protocol defined in IS-GPS-153 and an RF interface.  Configurations are designed to provide a wide spectrum of users with 24-hour, worldwide position, velocity, and timing (PVT) information throughout weather, terrain, and environmental conditions encountered in combat operations and operations other than war. 
GRAM-Standard Electronic Module-Form E (SEM-E)/Modernized (GRAM-S/M)
  The GRAM-S/M (also referred to as the MGUE Aviation Receiver FF) provides a product solution for airborne navigation equipment.  The legacy GRAM-SEM-E is available in 12-channel and 24-channel variants; the GRAM-S/M will only be available as a 24-channel unit.  Legacy GRAM-SEM-E provides P(Y)-Code capability in a standard SEM-E module for multiple applications. The GRAM-S/M adds M-Code capability.  Legacy GRAM-SEM-E applications include manned and unmanned airborne platforms, ground vehicles, and missiles.  The GRAM-S/M can operate either as a stand-alone GPS receiver or as a component integrated with inertial or Doppler sensors, mission computers, and flight management systems, thus providing flexibility for varying platform installations. 

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